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Thank you for your support on Kickstarter. Thanks to you, this product was created!

Hatu Cargo is a complete luggage set designed for self-assembly.

What will you find in the set?

Tailgate version:

  • Bag 120cm x 65cm
  • Tailgate panel dedicated to the car model
  • Panel trim clips
  • Bag mounting plates, screws, washers
  • Hex Allen key and a plastic pry bar
  • A pair of strong dedicated gas springs with an additional lock for heavier weight
  • Assembly instructions


Double Rear Door version:

  • Two bags 60cm x 65cm
  • Rear door panels dedicated to the car model
  • Panel trim clips
  • Bag mounting plates, screws, washers
  • Hex Allen key and a plastic pry bar
  • Assembly instructions


Why was it created?

There is always a problem with space management in small vans. The biggest space-takers are large-sized items such as tables and chairs. It was the desire to solve this problem that motivated us to act. After studying the offer of available chairs and tables, an optimal bag was created. It takes practically all unused space, without limiting visibility and does not affect the arrangement of space inside the car.



Designed for self-assembly.

You only need a hammer. The rest of the tools are in the kit.

In addition, in the tailgate version, you will receive a set of gas springs with a clever lock that allows you to load the bag with heavy luggage.

The bag is mounted using the existing mounting holes and does not require interference with the structure of the car.

It can be easily transferred to another van without leaving a trace in the previous one. The set includes graphic assembly instructions.


For whom?

The bag is available for a tailgate version and has a size of 65x120cm. There is also a set of 2 bags 65x60cm each, dedicated for double rear door variant.

At the moment, the mounting system is available for VW T4, T5, T6, T6.1 and Mercedes Vito II generation.

Mounting panels delivered with the bag fit only basic versions of those vans (that is if your tailgate or doors are covered with full plastic panels, you will have to remove them).

We are currently working on adapting the mounting system to other brands and models. We will inform you about the availability soon.


Main advantages:

  • Strong, solid, durable.

Waterproof materials, thick, solid locks, buckles and tapes of good quality, powder-coated or galvanized fasteners and stainless-steel connectors were used.

  • Ergonomic, tailor-made

Optimal use of space. Special stiffeners give shape. Even an empty bag retains its shape.

A system of straps to properly hold the load. Thanks to this, nothing rubs against other things, makes noise, everything works.

  • Production quality

100% sewn in Poland in a professional leathercraft workshop. Professionals with many years of experience also took part in the design.

Tested and refined many times.

  • Aesthetics

Simple in form, without unnecessary additions.

Available in two color variants.

It fits elegantly with the body of a campervan or original upholstery.

  • Roomy and universal. It will hold everything :)

If you already have a table or chairs, all you need is the bag.

If you do not use the table, pack what you want: ski boots, a helmet, a cooker, pots, clothes, a blanket, a foam pad...


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