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When designing the Hatu Cozy bed, we had one goal - to be comfortable like at home.

Traditional flat plywood and three-centimeter sponge commonly used in sleeping roofs were very far from our assumptions.

We manufacture the frames ourselves using CNC technology that gives absolute accuracy and repeatability. For the production we used plywood, bent wood, aluminum and stainless fittings. The construction based on properly selected slats gives a sense of comfort known from the bedroom.

The mattress in our bed is triple layered. Perfectly breathable and as much as possible made of ecological and recycled materials. The covers of our mattresses are made of certified natural upholstery fabrics. We have a wide range of fabrics available on site and to order.

If you would like to replace your old roof bed with Hatu Cozy and the width of your current bed is not greater than 110 cm, please contact us. Are you satisfied with your bed but would like to replace only the mattress? No problem! We will sew something for you!